We’re on the Move

Western Pa Coalition for Single Payer Healthcare influence is growing as public support nationwide continues to build for HR 676, Expanded and Improved Medicare for All. Nationally, HR 676 now has 116 Congressional co-sponsors, and locally our coalition has greatly increased educational outreach and organizational activities.

Since the early spring, we have been invited to participate or give a keynote speech in at least nine public rallies, forums, or meetings throughout Western Pennsylvania. Through these activities we have reached more than 500 new people. And as of this writing, we have four more invitations to address labor, women’s and other grassroots groups in August and September.

Our list of supporters has grown by almost 150 in just a few months and our goal is to establish a network of Coalition single-payer activists in all congressional districts in Western Pennsylvania. We need to work and expand our influence by developing the necessary educational tools that strengthen and deepen activists understanding of the for profit health care delivery system and the single payer solution. We also must work collectively to provide practical political and organizing strategies that builds our growing support into a strong independent movement for healthcare justice and moves Medicare for All front and center.

Our principal goal is education and mobilization, because it is only through reaching people face-to-face that we grow our movement. The media has upped its attacks on single-payer in the past few weeks, and we certainly have no allies within any mainstream media source.

But as a single-payer supporter and fighter for healthcare justice, you understand that with people power can we prevail.

We need your help. Please consider making a donation to the Coalition via our paypal. We need money for leaflets, signs, media, and all the necessary expenses to build our movement. We are all volunteers and your help in outreach and fundraising is necessary.

The current for profit healthcare delivery system is spent and out of solutions.

We need to “step up our game” and move our program to a higher level. The public is searching for solutions and it’s up to us to provide a way out.

These times times require a new level of consciousness and action.

Donate Now

Thank you for your past, current and future support.

Ed Grystar
Western PA Coalition for Single Payer Healthcare