Who We Are – A grassroots citizens organization that has been organizing and educating for a national single payer healthcare delivery system since 2005 as embodied in HR 676, Expanded and Improved Medicare for All and Bernie Sanders’s Senate Bill, S 1804, Medicare for All Act of 2017 with improvements.

Please join us to help build an independent citizens-based movement that can help give a political voice to the majority of citizens who favor Medicare for All as a solution to the current dysfunctional and wasteful for-profit healthcare delivery system

We are everyday people from all walks of life that are committed to health care justice and encourage you to join with us.

What We Do – We educate and organize local citizens through social media and public meetings, building a movement that puts single payer on the front burner of our political landscape. Our speakers include physicians, nurses, union activists, and retirees who will speak at local house parties, labor meetings, faith gatherings, rallies and classes. We have powerpoint presentations, movies, literature and decades of practical experience to help explain and plan activities for all groups and organizations.

Why Join With Us? – The foundation of the current for-profit healthcare delivery system is not patient care, but the maintenance of profits of insurance companies, Big PHARMA, and other major health industry suppliers. In spite of the virtual blackout in the major media, single payer and Medicare for All has maintained a solid foundation of support in the general public.

And even with Obamacare and the Republican versions of “reform,” the latest public opinion polls continue to show that healthcare is the major concern of citizens in the USA.

We are the advocates that connect the dots that expose the inefficient, taxpayer-subsidized, for-profit insurance companies as the root of the healthcare crisis. Both Obamacare (ACA) and all Republican versions of healthcare reform on the table continue to shower insurance companies with billions in taxpayer subsidies, protect the obscene profits of Big PHARMA, and leave tens of millions without coverage. All while huge swaths of the population are burdened with high premiums, high deductibles, and out of pocket expenses that prevent access to care.

Only by organizing a much stronger and conscious grassroots citizens network can we change the balance of power in favor of the majority to win Medicare for All and health care justice. Together we can and will prevail.