An Urgent Message from Retired State Senator Jim Ferlo

State Senator Jim Ferlo, Retired
1118 N. St. Clair Street
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15206

Dear Medicare for All Supporter,

You may agree with me that while single payer national Medicare for All health care plans have been introduced in both the House (HR 676) and Senate (S1804) with significant Democratic support, no legislation will succeed unless we build a stronger movement of educated voters demanding change.

An ad hoc coalition of local groups have joined forces to expand our outreach, advocacy and political action to press all elected officials to push forward with bolder actions. Upcoming Congressional elections may indeed create a balance of power necessary pass Medicare for All. However, our experience is that many federal officials have signed onto legislation but they are not doing enough to utilize their leadership, resources and outreach to mobilize the tremendous support that a single payer plan has among a growing majority of Americans. And many of these elected officials continue to collect campaign contributions from the insurance industry!

Our coalition and the Pittsburgh Chapter of the Physicians for National Health Plan have sent questionnaires to over thirty candidates for Congress and the US Senate for the 2018 elections asking where they stand on Expanded and Improved Medicare for All. As of this date, we have received written and verbal responses from at least 6 candidates who are sympathetic to campaigning and highlighting Medicare for All. We will publish the results of our questionnaire — drawing a fine line between candidates who are truly with the Medicare for All movement, and those who are not.

In addition, we are planning town hall type meetings where we can explain the basics of single payer, answer questions from the public, and ask the candidates to state their positions. All this requires resources and people power.

The passage of the Social Security Act, the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, federal Medicare legislation, the OSHA Act, the American with Disabilities Act, among other reforms, all happened because masses of American voters pushed forward and demanded change.

We all have to step up and be leaders in this movement. Whatever your financial ability, please donate to this timely effort. Ed Grystar and I have agreed to match all donations up to $2000. Internet ads, newspaper ads and leaflets at election events that we will produce and purchase will reach out to thousands in W. Pennsylvania prior to the May 15th Primary. Checks should be made payable to: Western PA Coalition for Single Payer Healthcare, PO Box 82528 Pittsburgh, PA 15218. You may also go to our website and donate through PayPal at Thank you for your timely and effective donation.

Jim Ferlo, Steering Committee
Western PA Coalition for Single Payer Healthcare